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tunit▓ies for South African businesses: SACEChina awash with opportunities for South African busine▓sses: SACEChina awash with opportunities for South African bu▓sinesses: SACE02-15-2017 07:08 BJTChina's influence in Africa has grown▓ rapidly over the last decade. Although China’s economy is

not growing as fast as it did in recent yearse mae Asia▓n superpower remains quite visible in many parts of the ▓continent and even more so in South Africa.Traditionally, China-South Africa econo

Do your little bit of good where you are; its those little bits of good put together that overwhelm the world.

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mic ▓activities have focused on government-to-government relations. But engagement between private sector entities is picking up, says Jinghao Lu, project director at the Sino Africa Centre of Excellence (SACE) Foundation, an organisation that seeks to improve China-Africa re▓lations. SACE Found

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re sophisticated than those in China.Explainin▓g the reasons for choosing Singapore as the first stop in its overseas expansion, founder

of Mobike, Hu Weiwei, said Singapore is a developed economy with sound ▓infrastructure, transparent laws and regulations. Singapore als

o has one of the highest percentage of smartphone ownership in the world, which is very attractive to bike sha▓ring companies.In the me

antime, Ofo has reportedly started trial operations of bike sharing schemes in London and California. Mobike is also reportedly studying

the feasibility of further expanding their businesses in other coun▓tries of the world.However, the thepaper.cn report notes that many

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their products to be relevant to local demands and they care what the market thinks. One just needs to look at Chinese phone makers Meizu, Hisense, Oppo, Tecno and Huawe▓i, which are doing

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ervice providers and hire local staff. It is a truly promising t▓rend. Previously one would see Chinese companies im▓port products that don’t bear a brand, and they didn’t care abo

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ey understand that here is a sound middle class and a young consumer group that will pay for brand value. So these companies are now sourcing services from local providers in marketing▓, branding and communications, for instance,” Lu adds. According to him, the foundation has received several enquiries from South African companies who want to pitch and sell to Chinese companies.There are also more South African-

owned trading companies importing goods from China – from electronics to home furnishing materials etc. The biggest challenges▓ for African enterprises doing business with China, partic

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